Saturday    4-3-2017 (Clear (26 C): flight to Hurghada, transfer Hurghada - Luxor

Sunday 5 -3-2017 (Clear (26 C): Visit Karnak and Luxor temples, Luxor

Monday 6-3-2017 (Clear (28 C): Visit Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Haboe tempels, afternoon sail to edfu

Tuesday 7-3-2017 (Clear (27 C):Edfu - Aswan, visit Komombo temple on the way

Wednesday 8-3-2017 (Clear (28 C): Boatride with motor boat and faluk (sailboat), visit Philea temple, Aswan dam, Botanic garden and Nubian village.

Thursday 9-3-2017 (Clear (30 C): Visit Abu Simbal, sail from Aswan to Edfu.

Friday 10-3-2017 (Clear (26 C): Sail from Edfu to Luxor, evening horsewagon ride and sound+light show at Karnak temple

Saturday 11-3-2017: (Clear (27 C): Transfer to Hurghada, Flight back home.