Voltooid verleden tijd / What I did before

1989 -1995 Studied Exogene Geology at Utrecht University Master Exogene Geology
  • 1990
Fieldwork: Molinos, Spain 150 km South from Zaragoza;
Mapping an area of about 20 square kilometres
  • 1991
Fieldwork: Nothern Spain (Pyrenees)
Understanding the development of orogenic zones
  • 1993
Climatologic reconstruction of the recent geologic history of the Arab See using Magnetic susceptibility data and various element records including isotopes
  • 1994
Field research Eastern Crete;
Research to the sedimentary respons at faultblock movement and fitting it into a larger scale model (Sitia, Crete)
  • 1995
Research "A GIS study of the Neogene Basins of Eastern Crete";
A Study on the last 20 milion year history of Eastern Crete by using Satelite image data, fielddata and geographic data.
  • GIS related work at CSO Adviesbureau (CSO Consultancy) Bunnik, the Netherlands
  • Training Software development & design, database design (PSS, Orion, Utrecht)
  • Training Progress 7 & 8 (Orion, Groningen)
  • System developer for PSS (Progress 7 and 8)
  • Programmer for PSS Gorinchem, the Netherlands
  • Training HTML/Java/j++)
  • At the end of 1997, programmer at Certec B.V. Amersfoort, The Netherlands
  • Programmer at Certec B.V. Amersfoort, The Netherlands (Visual Basic 5, Progress 8)
  • Training Visual Basic 5.0
  • System developer at Plus Intergration retail solutions (Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Active Store, Microsoft COM / DCOM / COM+, SQL Server)
  • Training SQL (Info Support)
  • System developer at Plus Intergration retail solutions
  • Training Microsoft Com+ Cruise
  • System developer at Plus Intergration retail solutions
  • ssignment in India (27 - 8 to 23 - 9)
2002 - 2005
  • Jan - April 2002: System Engineer at Plus Intergration retail solutions
  • From April: 2002 to 2005 System Engineer at BK Vision International
  • Training VB.NET (Twice, Driebergen, 2003)
  • Performing West African and Latin percussion music with our group Slag Bij Utrecht on various locations
From 2006
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