Poollicht / Aurora  23 - 3 - 2011 (Norway / Sweden)

During a short holiday in Lappland there was the oppertunity to witness the aurora on two nights; 23 and 24 march. Especially the 23th was a night to remember.

22/23 MAART 2011

22h23: a faint aurora is visible the whole evening over the Northern horizon (180 degrees view to the NW

22h52: sometimes it brightens slightly...

23h53: to the Eastern horizon.

23h35: after a quiet evening with some green streemers, the activity started to increase.



The height of the aurora increases from 20 degrees to 60/70 degrees above the northern horizon and a bright green curtain is visible on the NW horizon.

23h40, the curtain increases in size and height.

one minute later...


23h45: colours are visible but hardly identified with the nakes eye except for the brightest green and red parts.

23h48: a bright green arches is visivle high over the Northern horizon.

23h55: beams are launched from the Western horizon...

23h56: ...and explode  in the zenith to form a briljant corona.

23h57: the corona now fully developed.

0h010: the corona has subsided but in the west still some coloured curtains are visible.

23/24 MAART 2011

At about 20h00 there was a bright aurora visible upto 40 degrees height in the north. However I was not able to take pictures at that time.

22h30 A faint band of green aurora over the Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden


Some pale green structures in a faint red aurora zone.