Aurora in Norway

During my stay in Norway beautifull aurora was visible.

Some pictures are enhanced to show the aurora in full detail). Just let the pictures do the talking. NB all pictures taken with a Sanyo AZ3 digital camera, 16 seconds exposure.

20 / 21-09-2004

Night falls (20-9-2004 20h30)


13-9-2004 22h

20-9-2004 22h30

20-9-2004 22h45

21-9-2004 0h05 (processed)

21-9-2004 0h10 (processed)


21-9-2004 0h13 (processed)


21-9-2004 0h15 (processed)

21-9-2004 0h30 (processed)


21-9-2004 01h




22h: beautifull structures

idem processed.


Aurora at 22h45

idem processed


Aurora at 23h