Lunar eclipse 17-8-2008

This summer we travelled the transmongolian railway to watch the solar eclipse on aug. 1st and to visit Mongolia. The solar eclipse had become a big success! So two weeks later with full moon a partial moon eclipse would take place. At that time we were in the southern Gobi deserd in Monmglia where the eclipse maximum took place at 5h10 in the morning.

Because this eclipse was a deep partial one (81%) the red glow of the eclipsed part of the moon would be visible. The deepest part was very deep red while the shadow edge was more orange. The rim was slightly purplish so I would estimate the moons colour to L2 - 2.5 on the Danjon scale: A dark red to rust coloured eclipse with a dark shadow centre and a relativily bright rim.

Because the mooneclipse was a deep partial one (81%) the sky was full of stars, the Andromeda nebula was easily visible with the naked eye! And the eclipsed moon formed a nice picture with a traditional Mongolian ger.

The full moon on the evening before the eclipse.

Two pictures taken at 4.37 and 4.55, exposed on the uncovered part of the moon
A combination of 4 images to expose both the eclipsed and uneclipsed parts of the moon.
Again a processed image from 4 images.
Pictures taken at 4h37, 4h55, 5h05 and 5h15. These were exposed on the eclipsed part of the moon, which was nice red, even visible with the unaided eye. All pictures were exposed for 2 seconds.
Ook Neptunus was te zien tijdens de eclipse. Ik vond hem toevallig op bovenstaande foto.