Rhine canyon Koblenz - Bingen 2007


The Rhine canyon between Koblenz and Bingen is one of extraordinary beauty. Through milions of years the Rhine river carved a deep canyon into the Eiffel plain, creating a deep canyon. 2000 years of history is visible there in a beautiful vcultural landscape with castles, fortresses and churches in old scenec villages and cities. In 2002 the Unesco added this part of the Rhine to the World heritage list. Here are some pictures.


  Day activiteit / activity Stay
1 17-04-2007 Utrecht - Aachen - Koln - Koblenz Hotel
2 18-04-2007 Koblenz - Boppard Hotel
3 19-04-2007 Boppard, Rhine Cruise - Boppard Hotel
4 20-04-2007 Boppard - Bingen - Frankfurt - Utrecht Hotel

The fortress of Ehrenbreitstein at Koblenz


st Michiels chrurch at Koblenz

The city of Koblenz is situated at the borders of the Rhine and Muzel

"Deutsches Eck" with the statue of the Emperar Wilhelm

Stolzenfels castle near Koblenz


Marksburg castle near Braubach

The Rhine at sunset

Katz (Cat) Castle


The Lorely Statue

The Most narrow part of the Rhine with the Lorely rock on the right.

The Pfaldz, Built on an island in the river.

The Rheinstein castle


Ehrenfels Castle

The "Mause turm" (Mouce tower) was used as toll gate and lighthouse in the past. It is situated on an island just outside Bingen.