Andorra 2006

 A mini state, sealed off from the outside world. Many people know it from the Tax Free shopping. The landscape however is of an estonishing beauty... Here are some pictures.


Our tour starts in the Central parc of Andorra la Vella. A modern designed parc with lots of leisure possibilities.


San Estevano church in Andorra la Vella


The old town


A village south of Andorra la Vella, on the right the Madriu valley, on the back the Valira valley.

Andorra has several hot water springs (70 Celcius). This is the main baths complex in Escaldes.

The church of San Antoni la Grella

The chapel of St. Christoffel

The fresco's inside the chapel...

The view on the highest peeks in Andorra.

The house on the right is regarded as the oldest in Andorra, Cal Pal de la Continada..

Another small church near Llorts

The church of San Cerni

This 12th century bridge at Serrat is one of the many examples of Romanic bridge building.

A smal Cascade in the north.


The area near Arcalis, in the winter a large ski site (Click on the picture for a larger panorama)


Here at an altitude of 2240 m ends the tour through the heard of Andorra.