Favoriete Muziek /Favorite Music

Compositions and songs one should listen to !!


Composer(s) Compositions Remarks
  Dead can Dance 1. Sanvean
2. The Host of Sarephin
3. Within the Realm of a dying sun (complete)
4. Rise of the moon
... and many more...
Beautiful ethereal music.
1. The day before you came

2. Like an angel passing through my room
3. I Let the music speak
4. Put on your white sombrero
5. I'm a marionet
6. The winner takes it all
7. Arrival
8. When I kiss the teacher
9. The way old friends do
10. Lay all your love on me

Beautifull song by Agnetha, one of the best songs ever written!

Musically a very strong song
Enigma Le roi est mort, Vive le roi (complete)
The screen behind the mirror (complete)
  Bert Cleassen Hartseer (Trance)  
  Dash Berlin Till the Sky falls down (Trance)  
Faithless - Sunday 8 PM
- Reverence
- Outrospective
Another way to make (dance) music
Sinead o' Connor Troy One of the best songs ever written
Pink Floyd Shy on your crazy diamond
The dark side of the moon (complete)
The wall (complete)
Queen Who wants to live forever
The show must go on
P.Glass Einstein on the beach
Koyaanisqatsi (Film+Music)

Beautifull images and music
S. Ten Holt Canto Ostinato
Incantatie IV
Schaduw noch Prooi
Soloduivelsdans IV
Listem: Sounds best in Strange places like train stations
The first performance took 30 hours. In 2002 12 hrs

These peices are among my most favorite ones!  Listen
A. Part Cantus in memorian of B. Britten
Festina Lente
Fratres (Violin & Piano)
Tabula Rasa
Sarah was 90 years old (voices, percussion & organ)
J. Ter Veldhuis Post nuclear winterscenario (for piano)  
B-A Zimmermann Requiem fur ein junge dichter  
S. Reich Music for 18 musicians
The cave

H.Gorecky 3th Symphony (Symphony of sorrowfull songs)
Beatis vir
Satie Gnosiennes
Je te veux
Pewtit oeverture a dancer
Sonatine bureaucratique

Albaniz Suite espagnola
Listen (Asturias)
Barber Adagio for strings Listen
Beethoven Piano sonata 'Pathetique' 
Piano sonata 'Moonshine'
Piano sonata  'Tempest'
Piano sonata 'Appasionata'

Chopin Nocturnes
Phantasie Impromptu
Sonate nr 2 (Marche Funetre)

W. A. Mozart Phantasy in C minor (K. 457)
Sonate in C mnor (K. 475)
Die Zauberflote (Ouverture)
J. S. Bach Sonata / Partita (Violin Solo)  
Alfonso X Él Sabio' Cantiguas de Santa Maria Cycle of 400 middle age songs and dances Listen to Cantigua 384
Sissoko / Diabete (Mali) Kora music from Mali Beautyfully played and recorded. Best example of african music.
Indian Trad. Raga's
Sikhs sacred music
Andes Trad. Indigeous music from the Andes  
Janese Trad. Cranes nesting
(for shackuhatchi (flute) 
Irish Trad. Jigs reels, etc.  Love to hear it live! With a good pint of Guinness
Percussion (West Africa)  music from Ghana,Guinee, Afro- Carribic etc. The music reaches its final form durin performance
Georgia Trad.  Polyphone ancient choir music